Three Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

Choosing to build your new construction home is a major decision.  Here are three mistakes to avoid should you decide to make your dream home a reality. Building too big. Around the world, Americans are known for their belief that, ‘Bigger is better.’  As reported in a CNN article, homes between 3,000 and 4,000 square feet comprised 21.7% of new homes in 2014, compared to 15.6% a decade earlier.  Today, huge homes—4,000 square feet and up, are all the rage.  Before you choose the best ... Read More ›


Moving into your newly constructed home is a great reason to start with a fresh family emergency plan.  If you have never created one or aren’t sure if your family really needs one, consider these facts: According to the U.S. Fire Administration, from Jan. 1 to June 2, 2015, the total number of fire deaths were 61 across the state of Michigan which was an increase of 25% over the same four-month period of 2014. In 2013, 153 people died in fires in the state of Michigan.  The majority ... Read More ›

Five Steps to a Fabulous Outdoor Space

You still have two months left until summer officially ends on Sept. 22nd.  It only takes a few simple steps to create an outdoor space your entire family can enjoy well into autumn. Here are five steps to create a fabulous outdoor space. Illuminate in style.  Most design experts believe that outdoor lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of design, usually because the planning and installation can be very expensive.  Avoid breaking the bank by adding a simple lighting ... Read More ›

Four Simple Ways to WOW a White Room

You’ve finally moved into your dream home and most of the decorating is done.  The last question is, what will you do with that all white room?  Here are four simple ways to WOW that room. Choose contrast for a dose of drama.  Many people believe that the only way to enliven a white room is to purchase a major pieces of bright furniture.  Instead of investing in furniture you aren’t sure you’ll love forever, start by selecting items that contrast the white and appeal to you.  Interior ... Read More ›

Six Eco-Friendly Safety Steps to Take this Summer

Despite new construction home energy codes becoming increasingly more complicated to achieve, we were proud to announce that Echelon Home Builders is Michigan Energy Code compliant and has received the Nelson Energy Seal®.  Our commitment to creating efficient family homes doesn’t stop there—we want to help your family take eco-friendly safety steps this summer. Here are six to get you started. Shade- During hot, sunny Southeast Michigan summer days, it’s important to take a break from ... Read More ›

Four Professional Tips to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

When selecting the perfect paint color for their dream home, many novices will paint sheets of paper or sample boards with various options.  Their intention is to get a feel for how the hues look during different times of the day as sunlight changes so that they can choose the best shade.  The challenge is that paint does not render itself correctly on anything except walls. Instead, professionals recommend the following four tips to pick the best paint color. Let there be light.  If ... Read More ›

Southeast Michigan Independence Day Celebration Calendar

What are some of your favorite memories of celebrating July 4th while growing up?  Most likely, they include family, friends fireworks, fun, festivals and food!  You still have time to plan the perfect patriotic way to celebrate Independence Day.  In the spirit of celebrating our great nation’s birthday, here is your Southeast Michigan Independence Day Celebration calendar. June 29   Start the celebration early by heading to the annual Hudson Mills Metropark Fireworks from 7 until 11 pm ... Read More ›

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Today’s official arrival of summer brings a new list of tasks required to keep your newly built construction home in top shape.  Here are four simple chores to make your home safe and comfortable all summer long. Keep it cool.  If you haven’t already dusted your ceiling fans as we recommended in the spring, now is the time.  Most newly constructed homes have ceiling fans with a switch that allows you to reverse the rotational direction of the fan blades.  During warm Michigan summers, ... Read More ›